Venalta Cryogel and Venalta Softgels

The tired and heavy legs phenomenon can occur for different reasons, but particularly shows up at the end of the day and especially in summertime. As the heat rises, there could be no better time to introduce the unique formulation of Venalta Cryogel and Venalta Softgels – to treat microcirculation problems and to relieve heavy and tired legs.
People who spend the majority of their time sitting down or standing up, tend to suffer from circulation problems and that unpleasant heavy legs sensation. Since our busy lives do not always permit us the luxury of balancing sitting and standing, Alta Care Laboratoires created Venalta Cryogel and Venalta Softgels, that when combined, relieve the heavy and tired sensation and improve microcirculation. The cold effect of Venalta Cryogel improves the penetration of the active ingredients and thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, treats the underlying cause of discomfort.
For optimal results, it is recommended to combine Venalta Cryogel with Venalta Softgels that will act not only from the outside to the inside but also from the inside to the outside. Make this summer unforgettable and impress everyone with your flawless legs and Venalta!