Flodol 30 Patches


QUANTITY 30 Patches

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Flodol Patches are transdermal patches with phytoextracts which are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and effectively reduce pain, in case of backaches, strains, sprains and arthritis, back pain caused by foot position, heels or standing posture.


Salina & Methyl Salicylate (extracted from Meadowsweet), Horse Chestnut Extract, Harpagoside, Harpagide & Procumbide (extracted from Devil’s Claw), Saponin Steroids & Flavonoid (extracted from Polygonatum Odoratum), Helenalin (extracted from Arnica Montana), Liquorice Extract, Bromelain (extracted from Pineapple), Papaya powder extract, Peppermint & Juniper Berry Essential oils.



  • Rapid onset of action as active ingredients enter the bloodstream directly.
  • Effectively reduce the intensity and the frequency of pain.
  • Especially effective with patients suffering from renal or hepatic insufficiency who consequently cannot take anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs.
  • Effective in preventing old injury pain on joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Particularly recommended in sports medicine to prevent the re-acutization of old injuries without using drugs prohibited by sports federations.
  • Prolonged release, 24 – 36 hours.
  • Can alleviate children’s pain when tablets are contraindicated.
  • Effective in treating pain caused by posture and/or shoes.
  • Flodol Patches can be used in combination with other products from the FLODOL line
  • No side effects or interactions.



Apply 1 to 2 patches on the affected areas. Patches release ingredients for 24-36 hours.

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