An excessive intake of cholesterol food and saturated fatty acids can cause (especially in sedentary and predisposed subjects) a direct and indirect raising of the total cholesterol and especially of the LDL lipoproteins. To this derives an increased cardiovascular risk which can result to the formation of plaques in the blood that can occlude blood vessels.
A good product that should be taken against diseases or similar health issues are the Cardiosteroil Krill Liquid Capsules, an innovative product created by Alta Care Laboratoires. This is a concentrate of Krill and fatty acids omega-3, microencapsulated for better assimilation and regulation of the lipid metabolism. This unique formula of Cardiosteroil Krill oil is presented in liquid-filled hard capsules that preserve all the benefits of the omega-3 acids, the phospholipids and the antioxidant effect of krill oil.
Cardiosteroil Krill Liquid Capsules facilitate the regulation of the lipid metabolism and diminish the risks of coronary artery diseases. In preventing coronary arterial disease, this product is also an excellent antioxidant and thanks to its active ingredients it acts on several levels on the body, giving it a 360° support.