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Transdermal small round transparent patches with sustained release of active ingredients that removes blemishes. Silvia derma patches maintain the skin free and clean throughout the day. When there are skin eruptions, it is advised to place a patch at night on the skin eruption to wake up with no redness or inflammation. When the Silvia derma patch is applied the skin is purified, drained and toned which calms all cases of skin eruptions and reddening. 


  • Immediate symptomatic relief in cases of skin reddening especially on the face and on the lips
  • Who suffer often from blemishes


  • Used to maintain the skin and lip contour free, clean and purifies all layers of the skin. 
  • Contains active ingredient and phyto extracts. Moreover, it contains essential oils to purify, drain and tone the skin and hair follicles from the inside to the outside.
  • Silvia Derma has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Transdermal with a slow release of active ingredients so as to ensure the effectiveness of the product all night long.
  • Good for all ages especially teenagers.
  • The treatment must be repeated to be effective and even used as a prophylaxis for blemishes.



Remove the round transparent patch from its protective wrapping. Apply the patch where required.
Remove the patch after leaving it in place for several hours or during the night.

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