Nicosolven CoQ10 Liquid Capsules


QUANTITY 40 Liquid Capsules

EAN 8032758293580


Nicosolven CoQ10 Liquid Capsules provide 30mg Ubidecarenone (Coenzyme Q10) with each liquid capsule. CoQ10 is a powerful anti-oxidant that can help maintain a healthy heart and contribute to improve immune functions. The formula of Nicosolven CoQ10 Liquid Capsules is highly recommended to keep optimum oxygen levels in the cells. This is beneficial to smokers and ex-smokers, but also, as prevention, for non-smokers and particularly people who live in polluted areas.

Coenzyme Q10 is an endogenous cellular constituent present in mitochondria, a mediator of electron transport and energy production. A study by Crane and Navas has also confirmed an active role of Coenzyme Q10 in keeping Vitamin E and Vitamin C in their reduced state.

Since CoQ10 is such a fundamental component of our body, it is not surprising that CoQ10 supplements are among the most popular on the market.


How is Nicosolven COQ10 Liquid Capsules different from other supplements?

Most CoQ10 supplements are available in the form of hard or softgel capsules.

Thanks to the liquid capsule technology, the CoenzymeQ10 supplied by Nicosolven Liquid Capsules is immediately available for absorption. One of the main advantages of liquids is that the body does not need to break them down as they are immediately absorbed, while solids have to be dissolved in the stomach or intestinal tract before they are absorbed. Therefore, when Coenzyme Q10 is presented in solid capsules or tablets, it has to be emulsified in the intestine, which takes time, because the body needs oil and emulsifiers to create a CoQ10 suspension or a solution and subsequently absorb it. In Nicosolven CoQ10 Liquid Capsules, instead, the Ubidecarenone is already dissolved in oil inside the capsule.

By supplying CoQ10 in this liquid form, Nicosolven CoQ10 Liquid Capsules ensure higher plasma CoEnzyme Q10 levels when compared to other supplements in the form of pills or softgel capsules.

A comparative study has shown that plasma CoQ10 levels created by Nicosolven CoQ10 Liquid Capsules are higher than other delivery forms (+32% compared to softgel capsules and +34% compared to powdered tablets).

Studies have demonstrated that consumers prefer the liquid capsule option offered by Nicosolven CoQ10 because they perceive its higher efficacy, quality, convenience, faster action and safety. (Market research performed by GfK Global in Germany with a panel of 100 consumers).

These are the reasons why Nicosolven CoQ10 Liquid Capsules is a unique and highly distinguishable product and represents a better investment for distributors who want to enter the growing CoQ10 market with an innovative and more effective product.



  • CoQ10 supply contributes to maintaining optimum oxygen concentrations in tissues.
  • CoQ10 is released quickly in a highly bioavailable form because of the liquid capsule technology.
  • The CoQ10 solution in oil supports its uptake and leads to higher plasma CoQ10 levels in comparison to other delivery forms such as soft gel capsules or tablets.



1 to 2 capsules per day or as directed by your pharmacist or doctor.



The nitrogen bubble inside the capsule guarantees protection to the ingredients in the solution and allows the liquid to move. Crystallization may occur when capsules are exposed to temperature changes. This is a normal, reversible phenomenon that occurs in other natural products such as honey or olive oil, and the crystals will dissolve as soon as the product is again exposed to warmer temperatures (above room temperature). Please be informed that the stability of ingredients is not in the least affected by the crystallization, as was confirmed by HPLC assay on the level of CoQ10 in our capsules.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Per me, must-have, indispensabile averlo se si vive in grandi città!


L'ho usato insieme ai patch della stessa linea per smettere di fumare.
Grazie ai patch ho diminuito notevolmente il fumo e in abbinamento, con queste capsule la mia pelle è migliorata tantissimo! sembra molto più sana!

ottimo antiossidante

Vivo in una città molto inquinata e per il benessere del mio corpo e della mia pelle, ho deciso di prendere questo integratore per i benefici decantati. Lo uso da oltre un mese e attualmente sono soddisfatta. Secondo me la pelle del viso ,in particolare, ha anche cambiato aspetto, in meglio.

ottimo integratore coq10

Essendo di età avanzata, il mio sistema immunitario non funziona più come una volta. Ho scoperto queste capsule a base di co.q10 e devo dire che sono molto soddisfatto!!! Ottimo il servizio clienti, mi è stato d'aiuto in ogni fase dell'acquisto.

Excellent results and quality

I am very pleased with the use of this product. I needed a supplement with good anti-oxidant action, as I live in a big city, where pollution and smog are a ''must''. So far these capsules work great for me!

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