Dermastir is a Luxury Skincare line made in France specialized in Pre & Post-op products, used by skin specialists and recommended also for home use.
Dermastir Luxury collection offers a skincare ritual that has a radical effect on various signs of aging and is inspired by medical aesthetic treatments. 
The ingredients in the Dermastir Luxury Skincare collection are constantly kept stable in an airless packaging that protects them from the 4 factors that damage the formula: heat, light, oxygen and microorganisms.

Dermastir is the Luxury Skincare brand owned by Alta Care Laboratoires that is also sold in medical spas as well as in pharmacies. Alta Care Laboratoires is directly and completely involved in the daily management of the company’s business affairs, centralised at the head office in a historic building on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, in Paris, with its very luxurious facilities. Alta Care Laboratoires operations and the sales and marketing office is based in central Rome in a 5-storey head office overlooking the most famous square in Italy, Piazza di Spagna. Alta Care Laboratoires annually participates as exhibitor in more than 20 fairs and congresses.