In order to provide the best and complete care for its clients, Alta Care Laboratoires has extended the Venalta range with the new innovative transdermal Venalta Patches, providing both internal and external action to the legs. When it comes to a range for healthy legs, many companies have a poor choice of products as they produce only gels and capsules. The Venalta Range consists of Venalta Cryogel, Venalta Capsules, and Venalta Patches.

Venalta Patches, by Alta Care Laboratoires, are ideal for those who spend a long time standing up or sitting down, people who are unable to stretch their legs or stimulate the circulation. Venalta Patches, apart from relieving tired and heavy legs, also act on unattractive veins. Venalta Patches decrease the unpleasant pain caused by shoes and heels. Ingredients are released in a transdermal manner from the Venalta Patches up to 8 hours.

The good news is that Venalta Patches can be purchased directly in selected pharmacies, without the prescription by doctors. However, many medical practitioners recommend Venalta’s patches when someone has a long day ahead or even a series of long-lasting events, as the patches are highly effective and easy to use, ensuring a transdermal action. Recent statistics made by Alta Care Laboratoires show that patients who have started using Venalta Patches, found it efficient even after the first box.

Unlike capsules and gels, Venalta patches do not need to be applied every day but only when one is aware that will be standing or sitting for a long period of time.