Most of the oils for the cardiovascular system on the market aren’t as beneficial as you could think. They are usually presented in capsules or tablets of low quality that do not protect the oil from the oxidation. To fight this process, manufacturers add Vitamin E in their products. Vitamin E can seem to be a bonus for your health, but combined with oil, it is just a sign of a low-quality product.

In order to provide the best quality oils to our customers, Cardiosteroil Omega 3/6/9 S.L.O oil is microencapsulated in softgels that protect it from the oxidation. That is to say, our oil is directly injected in its liquid form and protected by the high-quality softgel. Moreover, our oils are processed in order to make you benefit from all their properties and to better protect your cardiovascular health. Make the good choice, opt for Cardiosteroil Omega 3/6/9 S.L.O., a processed and microencapsulated oil.