SIES Bologna 28 February - 2 March

Alta Care Laboratoires will be participating in the 17th International Congress of Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery that is being held in Bologna, Italy, from the 28th February to the 2nd March 2014, at Hotel Centergross (Bentivoglio-Bologna).

The annual congress, SIES, is a unique opportunity for professionals to attend lectures given by experts from all over the world and learn the new techniques related to aesthetic medicine and surgery. Hundreds of specialists from all over the world will discuss the “hottest” themes, of the moment, giving an exhaustive answer to every problem. During the three-day conference, some of the leading experts in this field will provide colleagues with, a sort of ‘smart guide’ to sort out the many offerings of Cosmetic Science.

Besides the communicative lectures there will also be many links on live television with the operating rooms of the Poliambulatorio Multimed. During these live sessions, doctors will be able to interact with colleagues involved in the various phases of operations or treatments in order to explain to them, at first hand, the secrets of the techniques being used.

During the congress Alta Care Laboratoires will be presenting the new products that in 2014 will added to the Dermastir range.

To enrich the range of skin-care Luxury Dermastir products, well-known for its innovative totally “vacuum” technology, a new range of products has been added. This consists of 10 serums, with a Dropper and Auto-Dropper dispenser, designed specifically for the intensive treatment of facial skin imperfections, even during the delicate post-operative phase. The serums being presented during the congress are the following: Rich Nutrition, Redness Neutralizer, Corrector Repair, Resurfacing Post-Op, Anti-Oxidant and Whitening. They will be presented in two different versions: the classic and practical dropper, and the elegant automatic dispenser.

We would like to invite all interested doctors to participate in the 17th edition of the Congresso Internazionale di Medicina e Chirurgia Estetica that is being held from the 28th February to the 2nd March 2014 to meet the staff of Alta Care Laboratoires and get to know the products of the Dermastir range.

Anyone wishing to have more information about the products or would like to have some samples at the congress, may contact us at