Flodol Heat with high concentration of glucosamine is a product especially created for those who take glucosamine capsules, in order to complement the treatment. Usually, Glucosamine tends to be assumed orally as a prevention and cure when someone has joints and tendons concerns.

Flodol’s Heat Rub is an excellent product especially recommended for anyone who takes oral supplements with glucosamine as an active ingredient. It is a well-known fact that in cases of joints or tendon issues, one must do regular massages with creams on the affected places. All glucosamine capsule consumers need to massage their joints at least once a day and what better choice than doing this with Flodol heat now also with glucosamine. Considering this fact, Alta Care Laboratoires has now concentrated even more Glucosamine for topical application into the formula of Flodol’s Heat Rub.

The concentration of glucosamine in Flodol Heat relieves the mobility problems of those with disease of the joints. Flodol Heat Rub has an immediate warming, anti-inflammatory action that reduces the intensity and the frequency of discomfort especially when it is chronic.