Today many products state that they have high rates of fibra, but its not exactly true. Altadrine proves that it has high dosage of fiber. Feeling good is a question of equilibrium. Our intestine makes no exception: if it is lazy and inactive, it must be reactivated. In fact, when the intestine is in equilibrium, other organs, such as kidney, liver, muscles and joints, improve their performance. Altadrine Fat and Carb Blocker is a 75% fiber based product, that dissolved in water, forms a gel that easily reestablishes the natural equilibrium without irritating the intestine.

The psyllium, as one of Altadrine’s Fat and Carb Blocker active ingredients, is characterized as a partially soluble fiber, which combines successfully the benefits of soluble fibers (mass-forming effect) and insoluble fibers (prebiotic effect). Nevertheless that Altadrine can be found in pharmacies without the prescription, many doctors recommend this product to their clients as it acts beneficially on the intestine and its functioning.