The recent ongoing debate on new pandemics has increased people’s awareness of the importance of good personal hygiene in fighting contagious viruses and bacteria.  Even simple practices like washing one’s hands are under scrutiny: are we doing it right? So when it comes to choosing a shampoo and body wash, consumers have become more aware of different options available to fight infections more effectively.

Most shampoos and soaps will only remove the dirt from hair, scalp and skin’s surface. This is not enough to remove bacteria. A bacterial or fungal infection can often cause unpleasant body odor, which is the reason why some people may still suffer from this condition after washing with soap. And other people’s skin, which is not infected, does not smell bad even when it is dirty. So to actively target infections, a medicated shampoo and wash is necessary. With its unique combination of Octopirox, Tea Tree Oil and Climbazole and the addition of Zinc Pyrithione, Keto Z Medicated Shampoo purifies the scalp and the entire skin’s surface, fighting mixed infections, both bacterial and fungal, and ensuring the highest level of hygiene while at the same time soothing skin irritations and eliminating unpleasant body odor.

Glo-Germ™ UV-lit photos showing the difference between washing your hands with soap vs washing hands with medicated shampoo for 20 seconds.