Altasterol Liquid Capsules Multivitamins are the best supplement form to help you during periods of fatigue. Supplements are presented in different forms on the market: tablets, capsules, softgel capsules, but also liquid capsules like Altasterol Multivitamin by Alta Care Laboratoires. And not all of them are absorbed by the body in the same way.

But are you sure your body absorbs all the vitamins and minerals food supplement provide? Indeed, tablets must first disintegrate to release their granules, which must then disaggregate to release fine particles, which enter in suspension and release ingredients, which must themselves dissolve to finally be absorbed in the body. The capsules, a little faster, skip the first stage of disintegration to follow the same process. However, softgel capsules and liquid capsules only need to dissolve to release ingredients already ready to be absorbed by the body. Their action is therefore much faster and efficient because the ingredients do not lose their efficacy during the process. But it is important to know that liquid capsules, like those used by Alta Care Laboratoires in its Altasterol Multivitamin, unlike soft capsules, protect the ingredients of oxidation even more. These are the best form of supplements you can find on the market. In addition, Altasterol Multivitamin brings you in liquid form 12 different Vitamins, Guarana and minerals to fight against fatigue, stress, and decrease of muscle tone, libido and mental concentration