Altacura Influtuss Syrup

Altacura Influtuss Syrup from Alta Care Laboratoires is enriched with propolis to help prevent colds and flu. Against stuffy nose, cough, feverish condition symptoms, we tend to take vitamins for a "boosting" effect, but it is not enough. Propolis, substance produced by bees, has antibacterial effects but not only. It also has an anti-neuraminidase action because it contains luteolin, kaempferols, chrysin, apigenin, and quercetin; the most powerful flavonoids in the world highlighted by Chinese researchers in 2008. These flavonoids prevent viruses to multiply in cells and thus block the viruses of colds and flu before they spread.

Altacura Influtuss Syrup with propolis it also contains honey, vitamin C, lemon juice concentrate and meadowsweet extracts; for an antioxidant cocktail, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Many products on the market contain propolis, but you have to make sure to buy one with high-quality propolis, like Altacura Influtuss Syrup by Alta Care Laboratoires. Do not let the arrival of autumn disrupt your health, go for Altacura Influtuss Syrup enriched with propolis, a syrup that will cure your cough and prevent colds and flu.